Jaime C.


“I always, always say this to people who question the tradeoff between school and hobbies: you keep the arts and you keep the things that make you happy. It’s the arts that make you who you are. Anyone can do the science. Anyone can do the research. Anyone can study and get the grades, but not everyone can replicate your art. You take away so much from art that you don’t get in academics. I think art is equally as important as science – if not more so. It makes us who we are. Science is universal but art is local, art is cultural, and can be spread and shared. It opens people to new cultures and ideas and then they’re better able to interpret feelings and sensations and everything that goes on in the world. It can add so much to medicine. I never chose music as a career because I never wanted music to be work for me. If I made music my job, it’d lack that passion and creative, spontaneous inspiration and I feel like I’d have to constantly do music-related things or I’d have to write a song and all of a sudden it becomes tedious. But medicine I can do that with. I can make a career out of medicine. It’s also a passion of mine but not in such a way that it requires my creative half. I want music to come to me. But medicine – I wanted to come to medicine.”


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